Online contest for Bedfordshire’s most ‘characterful’ cats

A strong contender for the Best Sleeping Position category...

A local pet charity is running an online cat show in order to raise vital funds for their branch, and share photos of Bedfordshire’s characterful cats on the internet.

Cats Protection’s Bedford and Biggleswade Branch has launched its first Virtual Cat Show, an online photo contest hosted on Facebook to celebrate the county’s cute cats.

As well as lightening the mood by filling the internet with fun photos of cats, the contest will raise vital funds to help the volunteer-led branch continue to care for cats and kittens in need.

Tamsin Eastwood, Cats Protection’s Bedford and Biggleswade branch coordinator, said, “With us all on lockdown we wanted to find a way to raise funds for the branch, but also something that would be fun and cheery for everyone.

“While we are unable to take in more cats, we still have cats in our care who rely on the dedication and hard work of our volunteers. We can only continue to provide that care with the generosity of our supporters. The great people of Bedford and Biggleswade have never let us down and we know we can rely on them now.”

Cat owners wanting to enter any of the 10 categories should message the branch via their Facebook page with their photos, the categories they want to enter and the name of the cats being entered.

An entry fee of £1 per photo can be paid via PayPal quoting the entrant’s surname on the payment. For people without PayPal, message the branch via Facebook to arrange alternative payment means.

Categories in the Virtual Cat Show are:

🐾 Best Rescue
🐾 Best Male (one year+)
🐾 Best Female (one year+)
🐾 Best Whiskers
🐾 Best/Funniest Pose
🐾 Best Veteran (eight years+)
🐾 Best Junior (under one year)
🐾 Best Sleeping Position
🐾 Best Unique Markings
🐾 Best Group
🐾 Best in Show: best of winners of the other classes

Entry closes on Wednesday, 6 May and winners will be announced on Saturday, 9 May.

Branch coordinator Tamsin Eastwood will chair a panel of six judges, including a cat fosterer, two home visitors and a fundraising volunteer.

The winner of each class will receive a rosette, a certificate and a catnip toy for their cat. Second and third place in each class will receive a certificate.

The winner of the coveted Best in Show prize will receive a special rosette, as well as the certificate and toy.

To enter, visit Cats Protection’s Bedford and Biggleswade Branch Facebook page:

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