New soundtrack to MRi scanning thanks to Hospital Radio Bedford

Barry Tappenden of HRB

A series of half hour music ‘shows’ that have been put together by Hospital Radio Bedford (HRB) are now offered to patients as a welcome distraction during MRi scans.

Anyone who has had an MRi scan will know that they are a very noisy affair, and sometimes patients can find the sound of the scanner quite disconcerting and upsetting.

Following a campaign organised by long-standing HRB member, Barry Tappenden, the team have put together over forty ‘shows’ for patients to choose from, covering genres  from brass band music to football anthems – and with the occasional HRB jingle thrown in for good measure.

“Having had an MRi scan myself, I know what a racket they make,” said Barry.

“With all the recording capabilities at HRB members’ fingertips it seemed only right that we provide the MRi Suite with an entertaining alternative to the noise of the scanner.”

Barry praised the efforts of all the members of HRB for their prompt response given that all the recordings were made at home as the station’s hospital-based studios are still in shutdown due to the Covid-19 restrictions.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Barry is already pressing HRB members for a whole new batch of half-hour ‘shows’ to add to the existing database.

“We’d like to keep the database fresh…and it keeps the members on their toes too,” he said.

“We just want to help folk feel a little better and make things a little easier for them when they visit the hospital. After all, it’s what being a member of Hospital Radio Bedford is all about.”

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