New roundabouts hailed a success by local residents and road users

Goldington Ward Councillors Christine McHugh and Tim Caswell by the new Goldington Road Goldington Green roundabout
(l-r) Goldington Ward Councillors Christine McHugh and Tim Caswell by the new Goldington Road Goldington Green roundabout.

Roundabouts installed on Goldington Road this September have been hailed a success after helping to reduce long waiting times at two notorious junctions on Goldington Road.

Previously, motorists and cyclists turning onto Goldington Road from Goldington Green or Barkers Lane faced long waits for a gap in traffic.

Following a change in the formal status of the road, campaigners pressed for action to deliver a lasting solution to the problems.

Campaigning activity came from several wards including and was led by Councillors Christine McHugh (Lib Dem) and Tim Caswell (Lib Dem).

Feedback from residents has been overwhelmingly positive.

Goldington Green resident Michael Simmonds said: “We found the Goldington Green junction very stressful and dangerous previously, and it is now a pleasure to use.

“I have watched the traffic flowing across the junction and round it, and it works so well!’

“The junction with Goldington Road and Barker’s Lane is also excellent and keeps traffic safely flowing. Thank you again to all involved!”

Cllr McHugh added: “The reason we campaigned so hard for these roundabouts is that we knew what a positive difference they would make at these notorious junctions.

So it’s great to see and to hear from residents how they have transformed both of them and are working so well.”

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