New Bedford business offers personal training to people with special needs

Harrison, Laura and Natalie are helping to expand the world of personal training...

A new Bedford business has opened up, which will help those with special needs get fit and stay on top of a healthy lifestyle.

Before the pandemic hit, the 2020s were shaping up to be the decade of the active, with healthy lifestyles and good nutrition becoming the norm.

Now, three Bedfordians are helping to welcome those who may have previously felt excluded from that fitness revolution with a new venture is aiming to offer personal training for a wide range of individuals.

Offering “bespoke personal training for people with special needs and disabilities”, Barnes Rose Personal Training are aiming to make sure everyone has access to the benefits that exercise can bring.

Laura Carr, co-Founder of Barnes Rose Personal Training said: “We have recognised that there is a huge gap in provision for anyone who has special needs and may not be able to access a commercial gym setting.”

“Our aim is to change this and to make exercise accessible, whatever your needs are”.

Exercise for those who feel excluded

Studies over a number of years have shown that provision for exercise, training and gym use for people with special needs in the UK is poor.

Additionally, a recent study by The Activity Alliance showed that twice as many disabled people felt that the pandemic greatly reduced their ability to do sport or physical activity (27 per cent) compared to non-disabled people (13 per cent).

The survey also showed disabled people are some of the least active, despite great demand and intent to do more, but many feel they have been excluded from doing so.

Barnes Rose is aiming to redress the balance for a vast array of people including those with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, speech and language difficulties plus mental health conditions such as anxiety in Bedford and surrounding areas.

Harrison Barnes added, “we are aiming to offer a bespoke service to both children and adults with differing needs, to ensure they can benefit not only physically but mentally from exercise.

“We have already had some really productive meetings with local charities about how we can work together to offer one-to-one and small group sessions to as many people as possible”.

While many facilities can find it difficult to cater for those with special needs, Barnes Rose have the experience and expertise to adapt to the training environment and provide specialist resources to help people with varying circumstances.

Reasonable adjustments such as providing a private training space, reducing sensory stimuli and visual prompts are among a range of services provided in order to make training accessible for all.

While the post-pandemic world is attempting to make a return to normal, Barnes Rose say they’re looking to improve it for those with special needs to achieve the ultimate aim of many in 2022, improving fitness and wellbeing.

You can find out more at and through Instagram and Facebook.

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