MP talks Politics with Priory Primary pupils

Mohammad Yasin MP at Priory Primary School
Mohammad Yasin MP with Priory Primary School year 5 pupils.

Children at Priory Primary School had a chance to grill local MP, Mohammad Yasin, about Brexit and the environment as part of ‘Aspirations Week’ last Friday (28 June).

MP for Bedford and Kempston, Mohammad Yasin, spoke to Year 5 pupils about what his job as a Member of Parliament is like.

As well as discussing hot topics, children also asked him about football and cricket.

“The children really enjoyed talking face to face with their MP”, said headteacher Louise Youngman.

“They are very aware of parliament and current affairs and they see it all on the news…

“We cannot thank him enough for taking the time to come and talk to us first hand and we hope to welcome him to the school again very soon.”

Aspirations Week is an annual event for Year 5 children, giving them a chance to talk to people about their jobs.

They can then find out more about the different professions they’re interested in and what qualifications and experience needed to follow a similar path.

So far visitors have included a policeman, a female firefighter and a former professional footballer.