Meet the artists at the Art Centre and Gallery

Art Centre artists

Four: The Natural World
The Art Centre & Gallery Bedford
29 June – 27 July 2019

Owain George, Talia Giles, Mo Lea and Martin Williams are showcasing works inspired by the natural world at the current exhibition at the Art Centre and Gallery on Howard Street.

And everyone’s invited to go along to have coffee with the artists at the Art Centre on Tuesday 16 July between 10am – 12pm.

“What fascinates me is our impact on the natural world,” said Owain George.” …I want the viewer to feel like they can almost touch the animals yet be reminded of their precarious position and the dangers the animals face, in particular man’s encroachment into natural habitats and our continued use of them for our own selfish needs.

“I like the idea of using a modern design practice and mixing it with the more traditional idea of a posed portrait,” said digital artist, Talia Giles. “Each mammal, bird or insect is given equal representation within the frame of the artwork, no matter where they are on the food chain, and they appear regal and powerful in their own right.”

Mo Lea said: “My images are deliberately contained in isolation and devoid of context. This renders the work clear and adds an element of purity.

Martin’s work is essentially about time and place. His paintings capture a moment in time, a certain set of fleeting circumstances, landscapes charged by human presence, a hidden narrative or a particular quality of light. He achieves this through a diversity of mark making techniques, and an expressive, interpretive use of colour.



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