Making a splash to fight meningitis

    Swimming Summer Children

    Dear editor,

    Meningitis Now and the Swimming Teachers Association would like to invite parents and their children to take part in a new water-based challenge to help us fight deadly meningitis.

    Splash Now can be held in your local pool during swimming lessons, in a paddling pool in your back garden, in the sea – anywhere, as long as it involves water.

    All we ask is that participants use the opportunity to raise some money for Meningitis Now and raise awareness about the signs and symptoms of the disease.

    We think this could be a really fun way to encourage babies, toddlers and older children to get involved in swimming or just to enjoy cooling down on a hot summers day as well as to help us to support families that have been impacted by meningitis.

    To find out more and to register for the event please visit our fundraising pages on the Meningitis Now website.

    Yours sincerely

    Kat Hollywell
    Community Fundraising Assistant
    Meningitis Now