Lunar landings commemorated by Oxfam Bookshop and BMS pupils

Oxfam window

Children from Bedford Modern School have helped Bedford’s Oxfam Bookshop create a lunar window display, ready to celebrate the 50th anniversary of man landing on the Moon in July 1969.

The shop, on St Paul’s Square in Bedford, regularly creates themed window displays to reflect current events.

“One of our volunteers contacted Mr McGregor, of Bedford Modern School’s art department and he and his pupils have been busy making props that we could use in the main window of the shop to enhance our displays,” said Debbie Taylor, Oxfam Bookshop’s manager.

“We asked for rockets and space men to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Moon landings and they have come up trumps.

“They look amazing. Together with some incredible books that have been donated, the window looks great.

‘I would like to thank Mr McGregor and his students for their fantastic models and I hope making them has engaged them with this anniversary and space travel.”

The anniversary of the moon landing is 20 July. The window display can be viewed at the Oxfam Bookshop on St Paul’s Square until then.

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