Longholme Cafe issue ‘missing duck’ amnesty

Longholme ducks
The usual duck-spects - or what remains of them...

The owners of the Longholme have issued an urgent plea for their missing rubber ducks to be returned. And they promise that no questions will be asked…

“We purchased the ducks this season to highlight table numbers in a unique and topical way, given our location,” said cafe owner, Thomas Healey.

“We started with 25 ducks at a cost of £5 each and now we have just 16 left, with more going missing each week.

“We know it’s quite easy for customers to scoop them up as they’re clearing the table to leave and they’ve probably not even realised they’ve taken one with them.

“Well, at least that’s what we hope is going on…”

In a bid to get their full compliment of ducks back, Thomas and the team are implementing a ‘no questions asked’ amnesty, hoping that anyone who has accidentally taken a duck will return them before 31 October.

“The ducks get home sick so it’s best to have them back before Halloween,” said Thomas. “We can assure anyone returning a duck that their anonymity is guaranteed.”

The ducks can be returned to the cafe anytime between 9am and 5.30pm.

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