Lockdown: Six months on…

Mayor Dave
Mayor Dave Hodgson

It has now been just over six months since the Prime Minister announced that the vast majority of us should not be working from our normal places of work, not leave our homes unless for specific reasons and put us into ‘Lockdown’.

It has been a very odd six months for everyone, and it appears that we may be entering a second phase of the Coronavirus pandemic with the number of cases rising across the country, including here in Bedford Borough

The Prime Minister has recently announced some new restrictions, including hospitality venues having to close by 10pm, some tightening of the ‘Rule of 6’ and an increase in the number and type of places where face coverings must be worn.

I would like to thank the vast majority of people for following the Government’s guidelines over the last six months and being very understanding that life has changed.

It is important that we continue to follow the regulations and guidance, especially with our rates of Coronavirus increasing again. Failure to follow the regulations and guidance could lead to more local restrictions than we have seen elsewhere.

We have seen some return to normality over the last month or two with businesses reopening, most council services being restored and pupils returning to school – all with various COVID-secure measures.

We still need to be careful and follow the regulations and guidelines, and I would urge everyone to regularly check the latest guidance at https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus.

Some things will not be returning to normal in the near future though.

In November we will be commemorating Remembrance Day and Armistice Day. Working with the Royal British Legion (RBL) and looking at the advice nationally, it seems we will have to have a much smaller service at the War Memorials in Bedford, Kempston and across our villages.

I am determined we will commemorate the fallen and those that have served in the armed forces, especially as we were unable to commemorate VE Day or VJ Day properly this year and both the RBL and the Council are looking at the possibility of broadcasting the service.

Christmas will also look different for everyone. Whilst the Council will not be able to have the celebrations we normally have, we will ensure that we make the most of our markets and help businesses make a success of the season.

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