Lockdown ‘feel-good vibes’ broadcasting live every Sunday morning on In2Beats

Lockdown live on In2Beats Radio every Sunday morning

Every Sunday morning, Mark Russell is taking to the airwaves of In2Beats Radio to bring a ray of sunshine to our lockdown weekends.

Mark, who runs his own recording studio design and build company and hosts Club Momacoca nights is live on In2Beats from 8am – 10am.

Listeners can tune in at 106.5FM or listen live online here for two hours of feel-good tunes.

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The Bedford Independent spoke to Mark to find out why music can make a difference in these extraordinary times.

“Personally I’ve always turned to music for direction, clarity, inspiration and to lift my spirits,” said Mark.

“Given the situation we are all facing with coronavirus and the current lockdown I think music is hugely important for our mental health and well being.

“This situation is disorienting and can cause anxiety in all of us – I believe the music we know and love can stabilise us in times of trouble.

“And there’s nothing like a good dance around the kitchen to a great tune played loud, hey.”

The show is loosely defined as soul, jazz and funk. “For these lockdown shows I’m trying to keep the music on the feel good tip and familiar.

“I’m broadcasting live from the In2beats studios under strict guidelines. Fortunately I’m the only one in at that time on a Sunday morning so social distancing is no issue.

“And I believe community radio is hugely important at this time.”

What is your favourite and most-uplifting tune? “Wow, that’s a very difficult question.

“My favourite record(s) change on a daily basis, I guess mainly due to how Im feeling and what’s going on with me and the world around us.

“I’m playing a record this Sunday morning by The Invisible Session called I’ll Be Your Wings, its an Italian new jazz type thing, I find it hugely uplifting.”

Lockdown is making us all realise the things we took for granted, so we asked Mark what he’s missing most.

“I guess the thing we all often complain about – normality and routine, and of course family and friends.

“We’ve just started what my daughter is calling our Corona Bucket List, basically all the things we want to do when things are back to normal – they mostly involve eating!”

Don’t forget to tune into In2Beats this Sunday and watch this space, for our forthcoming Corona Bucket List feature…

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