Letters: Whatever your views, make sure you respond to East West Rail consulation

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Dear editor

Whatever your views are on East West Rail please respond to this current consultation directly to East West Rail Co.

From my experience in planning the earlier pre-planning stage you reply at, the greater the chance of influencing plans there is.

Also, some residents may feel that they have said their say if they have spoken at an EWR virtual event, responded to the Council’s consultation or commented on Facebook but EWR will only take account of responses formally submitted to them.

I think it is worth reiterating this for clarity as the debate on EWR continues and the amount of information from various sources multiplies.

With regards to the various documents being produced by organisations such as Parish Councils, BFARe, CPRE and the new SCL report commissioned by the Council, nothing is changed unless and until EWR formally accepts their recommendations.

Please do not assume that issues are resolved and that you now do not need to respond and please don’t be complacent that someone else’s response will cover what you want to say.

I also want to point out that you can also respond by letter/email.

You don’t have to simply answer EWR’s questions using the proforma if you feel that the questions don’t relate to the comments you want to raise. The details of how to do this are on the EWR website.

Cllr Philippa Martin-Moran-Bryant
Great Barford

Letters published do not reflect the views of the Bedford Independent. If you would like to respond to any issues raised, please email letters@bedfordindependent.co.uk.

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