Letters: What about the other 189,000 residents not asked about the East West Rail project?

BFARe protesters outside St Cuthbert's Hall EWR meeting with Mohammed Yasin MP 15 October
BFARe protesters outside a meeting at St Cuthbert's Hall.

Dear editor,

I am disappointed that your headline appears so extravagantly misleading and I fail to make the sums add up.

Read: EWR survey finds most Bedfordians support EWR but campaigners say wrong questions asked

To say that ’75% of Bedfordians are in favour of EastWest Rail’ when only 1000 appear to have been interviewed, what about the other 189,000 residents? Do they not have a say or is this just another ‘wild assumption’?

Now, simple arithmetic – 10% of 190,000 according to my 80-year-old brain is 19,000 and NOT 1,900 as per your article so please check before printing in future.

The question remains, were these figures supplied to you [the media] by East West Rail? – all part of their ‘openness and transparency’ – or blind panic as they are being taken to task and will probably be ‘hung, drawn and quartered’ when their DCO is submitted.

As they are fond of telling us, “That’s a government decision” One wonders on the quality of the faceless civil servants making decisions about our area when they have absolutely no idea of life north of the M25.

Gordon Johnston
Staploe Rd,

Editor note: We stand by our headline as the standard approach to polling best practice does show the claim is justified, we explain reasons for this in the article. We also amended the typo with our figures before receiving this letter.

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