Letters: We must also applaud Bedford’s pharmacies


Dear editor,

It is right that we applaud the gallant and unceasing efforts of the NHS and people who are front line in our Care Homes and that each Thursday we applaud their work.

Whilst I don’t wish to reduce the impact of the thanks by making the list so long it becomes meaningless, I would like to bring our local pharmacies to the forefront.

Bedford has a number of excellent independent pharmacists who provide not only medicines but advice, care and genuine empathy, often taking on the role of GPs.

My chemist Kays on Bromham Road is just one example.

I know that on an average day they deal with 300- 400 calls, prepare and dispense medicines ,provide treatment to local addicts who are managing their addiction, deliver medicines, offer very sound pharmaceutical advice and genuinely want to know if you are alright.

So please when we are hailing our heroes and thanking our front line workers let’s think about our chemists… three cheers I say .

Many thanks

Gina Marszalek
Name and address withheld

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