Letters: An open letter on Brexit

Brexit in Bedford

Very few people living today voted in the first referendum of June 1975. No political party has ever mentioned the referendum of 2017 [sic] was the 2nd referendum because the majority of members of parliament were not born.

Remain won and the democratic vote was accepted. 42 years later we had the 2nd referendum where Leave won but we are here today because we no longer have democracy and the Remain voters won’t accept the vote and protest on the streets of London.

We have all been told lies by both the Remain and Leave members of Parliament.

Only people that voted in 1975 have experienced life both in and out of the EU. So the majority of voters today have no experience and are voting on emotion.

If you want the truth go and speak with your elderly neighbours, surprisingly something people used to do before being in the EU, they are the only people with the facts. Although it isn’t right for me to now tell lies and say before we joined the EU we used to speak to our neighbours and it is an EU directive that stopped us being polite or I would be as bad as our bunch of liars in Parliament.

Ask them about UK Health and Safety before EU directives. Ask about the British Standard Kite mark, the world leading quality standard we had. Ask them about the food they could buy and the great taste of exotic fruit from around the world and not just mainly from poor quality Bananas and Papaya from Brazil as this seems all we are allowed to have while in the EU. Not to mention tomatoes which no longer have any taste yet believe it or not the best tomatoes in the world come from an EU country, Bulgaria, yet we don’t seem to be allowed anything but tasteless Spanish ones in our supermarkets.

Maybe Merkel keeps the best products in Europe for her home market. Note I used the word maybe so it wasn’t a lie but it is worth considering, maybe it is the truth.

Labour and Liberal Democrats want us to have another vote. This is based on the knowledge that the older population that won the vote to leave has diminished due to death and the voting population of younger people who couldn’t vote in 2017 has increased.

In fact Liberal Dems want to increase this size of young voters by reducing the voting age to 16. Doesn’t this mean another vote is a rigged election relying on a group of young people that to be perfectly honest only vote for big Brother and BGT and if Simon Cowel was standing as a political party leader he would win hands down.

That is how dangerous it is for the country to have another vote unless of course it was a fair vote meaning only people who voted in 1975 and have experience of life before the EU are allowed to vote in the any proposed forthcoming referendum.

Politics in this country must change, for years every manifesto has been a list of false promises that they know is just lies to get votes. Isn’t that criminal and if it is criminal why is anybody going to break the law by voting as aiding and abetting criminal activity is illegal.

Here is one fact none of you will be aware of. 7 years ago I had to leave to UK as I married a Ugandan woman and she was refused entry to the UK.

In Uganda they have been building a new motorway and last week I was there on holiday to see this road has yet to be completed. It is funded by the EU. Not one single European company is involved in this major building project and not a single European is being employed. The contractor is Chinese, so yours and my money is being used to employ Chinese workers in Uganda.

The EU is full of very highly paid member of the EU Parliament yet they can’t even use our money to create jobs for Europeans.

This sort of leak of EU money into non EU countries is colossal while here in what was once called Great Britain many families are relying on food banks, people are sleeping on the streets in all towns and cities.

This was unheard of before we joined the EU. I’m Just using Uganda as one example because I know this as a fact and won’t lie to you, but remember of course that we and other EU nations all give millions a year in overseas aid to Uganda which has a vicious dictator in Museveni who after losing the previous elections put his rivals in prison for treason because they dared stand against him in the polling stations and any member of public that denounces him disappears into his torture chambers lucky if they are ever seen again.

The population of many African countries live in fear of their dictator leader but it is the EU that is funding these despots.

So now you have a true fact about the EU which no-one else has told you please; please vote to stop all this and regain control of our country, our money and our future. Vote Brexit the only party that can change the complete mess we have in The house of Parliament and the house of laws [sic] and get us out of the parliament that is over both of these, that being the EU parliament full of foreigners dictating where and with whom we can trade, not to our benefit but to theirs and leading us into the very dangerous Lisbon Treaty where we lose our sovereignty.

David Sage

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