Letters: Some are excited at the prospect of new rail links to the east and west

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Dear editor,

In his letter dated published 21 August, Martin Landmann suggests that EWR is a “solution looking for a problem”, and notes that everyone he spoke to at the drop-in event he attended was concerned about the route or overall project.

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I would simply like to point out, that it is not unexpected that most of the attendees at a drop-in event are those concerned because of how the route effects them.

This is not to be dismissed – it must be severely distressing to be faced with the prospect of one’s home being demolished to make way for infrastructure, and we must make sure the EWR project does everything it can in its planning to minimise the negative impact, and to compensate those who are affected.

However, I would like to point out there there are others – I suspect far more numerous – who are excited at the prospect of new rail links to the East and West.

The existing Thameslink and East Midlands Rail lines are huge assets for Bedford, linking us to the South and North, giving us access to the economy of London.

Expanding on this, EWR will link us to Oxford, Cambridge, and we will increase our opportunities both socially and economically.

Being able to travel by direct trains to more locations means less reliance on cars, and the diversification of our links away from just London.

Rail has been sadly neglected by decades of government policy, but we aren’t going to reverse that decline by rejecting what progress we are able to achieve now.

I therefore support the EWR prospect, and hope it proceeds quickly and efficiently, while listening to the concerns of the residents of this area while minimising its negative footprint.


Harry Palmer
Prebend Street

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