Letters: Selfish parking is endangering school children


Dear editor,

I’m a volunteer on the School Street initiative by Castle Newham School in Bedford and I live beside an under-fives nursery.

Both places have yellow zigzags or double yellow lines, indicating these are not safe places to park. However, there’s a significant minority of parents who every day will park on these lines rather than walk from a parking place a few metres away.

Parking Enforcement officers at Bedford Borough Council are kept very busy moving these people on outside schools across the town. At a time where money is tight surely we would all prefer funds to be used on positive initiatives in the town.

I would like to call on parents to abide by the rules – they presumably think their child is the one that won’t be hit by a car because of the reduced visibility.

But one child becoming disabled because of this selfish behaviour is one too many.

Many thanks,

Marilyn Leask

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