Letters: Poem written in tribute to Captain Tom

Captain Tom Moore
Captain Tom, during his record-breaking fund-raising walk

Dear editor,

After seeing Captain Tom’s efforts in raising so much money for the NHS I felt I had to compose a tribute poem to him.

What a great inspiration he is in these dark times.

My wife and two of my daughters work for the NHS and are amazed at how much Tom has raised for the NHS charity.

Tom Cunningham


You will have probably heard this story, it’s often been told
About Captain Tom who’s ninety nine years old
He’s a second world war veteran who’s served his country
And was a Captain in the tank regiment in the army.

When Tom needed medical help the NHS were there
He wanted to repay them for their loving care.
A sponsored walk he thought would raise some money
For the National Health Service ; a worthwhile charity.

He put on his medals and used a walking frame
Didn’t think for a minute he’d gain international fame
A hundred laps of his garden he wanted to achieve
But what happened next you wouldn’t believe.

Prince William called him a one man fund raising machine
As fundraisers go he’s the best we’ve ever seen
The army formed a guard of honour as he neared the finish
He has given us a hope that will never diminish.

When the story went viral people pledged to pay
Over twenty million pounds so far has come Tom’s way
Royalty, ministers and celebrities have all praised
Captain Tom’s efforts and the amount that he’s raised.

He’s had interviews from abroad and been on TV
Brave Captain Tom Moore  is now  a celebrity
There has been calls to honour him with a knighthood
I and thousands of others think that he should.

He’s recorded with Michael Ball and the N. H. S. choir
Proceeds from the song will make the final toll higher
The title of the song is ‘You’ll never walk alone’
You can buy it from a shop or download it on your phone.

On Tom’s milestone birthday he’ll look  up to the sky
A spitfire from Biggin Hill will perform a flyby
Flying over his house to show a grateful appreciation
And to honour this selfless man on becoming a centenarian.

In these dark times Captain Tom’s an inspiration
And this heart-warming story has touched our great nation
Always upbeat and positive; Tom had this to say
“The sun will shine on you again, the dark clouds will go away”.

Written on Saturday 18 April 2020
Copyright © Tom Cunningham | Year Posted 2020.

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