Letters: Please take time to prepare your car for winter driving; you could save a life


Dear Editor

I wanted to ask everyone to be mindful, that even as we are all focussed on the Covid 19 situation, we all need to remember the importance of more mundane safety precautions when it comes to road safety.

We face the same risks every year with driving in winter being particularly dangerous due to the dark and adverse weather conditions but still people forget to give themselves time to make sure that their cars are ready for the road.

To everyone reading this please give yourself the time to adequately clean your windscreen and to prepare your vehicle.

Not only could you be liable for three penalty points and an on-the-spot-fine of £100 by not making sure your vehicle is ready for the road, but by taking the time to prepare your vehicle you could be saving someone’s life.

Sadly I know all too well the damage that failing to prepare your vehicle could do- a good friend of mine was needlessly killed by a driver whose view of the road was massively obstructed by ice on his windscreen and had he taken the time to prepare his car she would no doubt still be alive today.

This needless tragedy does not have to be repeated.

This time last year the #ReadyForTheRoad campaign was launched and it is as relevant now as then so please take your time to get your vehicle ready.

Another road safety point that worries me at this time of year is the number of cyclists that I see who still don’t have any lights on their bikes in the dark.

I would urge all those cyclist think again and put lights on their bikes and wear high vis.

Not only is it the law to have lights on your bike after dark, but it gives drivers the chance to see you.

Being seen is so important to protecting yourself from serious injury or death.

Let’s all take care together and make sure that we are all #ReadyForTheRoad.

Yours faithfully
Cllr Phillippa Martin-Moran-Bryant

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