Letters: Patrick’s Parcels thank everyone helping them help vulnerable families in 2020

Patrick's Parcels

Dear editor,

We just wanted to say thank you to everyone involved in our Christmas parcels 🎄🎁

So many parents in our local communities are working hard to support their children and just not making ends meet, with the inflated cost of living and disproportionate incomes.

Children are a silent victim of poverty and as such we created an approach to help families in need understand how to improve well-being or if crisis is through short term economic or health, simply support them with food.

Our referrals come from partner charities and services to ensure our reach goes to those who need it, whether there has been bereavement, relationship breakdown, financial or health related barriers to well-being.

And we offer mentoring and support to families in need through employability and work related mentoring to signposting to existing charities and resource ie money management, mental health charities etc to ensure families receive the support they need to help them get out of food poverty.

Thank you to everyone in Bedfordshire this year who have donated and helped us help over 150 families that may not have had food this Christmas.

Special thanks to Graham and Eric the Butchers for meat, Sandra and Sarah at Morrison’s for so much!

Bookers for veg, Dolly’s Barn and Herrings Green Farm Shops for coordinating donations, Tracy from Dawn until Dusk childcare for coordinating donations, Charlotte at Home Instead, Freedom motorhome hire for your huge input, Lyn and Ampthill Lodge Masons for donations, Hannah Underwood for design, Wrest Park Enterprise for location, Caraways Candy for sweets, Mel at Love in a Bag for support and networks.

Thanks also to our many amazing individuals helping to coordinate including Chris, Danielle, Helen, Mel, Lucy, Steph, Trish, Rachel and Dean, Vee and Mark, Caroline and Tracy, Paul, Jill and Teresa for organising referrals for Families First, Kids in Action, Chums, children services and more ! And to Steve, Chris, Sharon, Pauline and Stuart, P&R and so many more for your generosity.

They say it takes a village, it takes so much more!!
Thank you all for enabling us to help so many families
Happy Christmas 🎄

Hannah Fehr
Patrick’s Parcels

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