Letters: Misinformation being spread by anti-East West Rail campaigners

East west Rail jacket

Dear editor

Once again I find myself compelled to point out the increasing amount of misinformation about EWR being spread by people with scant knowledge of the railways.

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The government is committed to finishing this project (the early phases west of Bletchley are already under construction) the only questions are the exact route through Bedford then on to Cambridge and whether it will be electrified from Day 1, hopefully, common sense will prevail with the latter.

The route does not currently form part of Network Rail’s Strategic Freight network and is unlikely ever to do so as there is no northbound junction onto the Midland Main Line (MML) in the proposals.

Usage figures are difficult to estimate, build it and they will come. Taking cars off the A421 is a prime objective and anybody who says it’s easy to drive to Cambridge has obviously never driven there.

The infill housing is likely to be built anyway, there’s already a planning application for a new estate on Graze Hill north of the existing Woodlands Park estate.

The Covanta Waste to Energy plant has already been built and is currently in the middle of commissioning tests/trial burns. If Mr Stanbridge used the train he would know this as it’s clearly visible from the MML.

The only thing we can agree on is the folly of the proposed six-track layout north of Bedford Midland Station, this is unnecessary and I certainly can’t see Network Rail being willing to demolish a perfectly good bridge that they only erected a short while ago.


Peter Lamswood

NB – This letter is written in a personal capacity and does not necessarily reflect the views of Brickhill Parish Council.

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