Letters: Mayor’s bluster is in danger of doing real harm

Councillor Ben Foley. Image: Ben Foley
Councillor Ben Foley. Image: Ben Foley

Dear Editor,

[Mayor] Tom Wootton’s bluster is in danger of doing real harm.

The rejection of Conservative proposals for capital spending does not prevent any particular project from going ahead, but it does mean that the Conservatives need to do more work to convince councillors to support a set of proposals.

The Conservative group have, since May, been attempting to run the council as if they have a majority of councillors when they actually have less than one-third of councillors.

If they want to get their proposals through council meetings, they need to work with councillors of other Parties to get support for the proposals.

In council-after-council across the country, where a party doesn’t have enough councillors to control the council chamber, agreements are made with other Parties to sort it out. Bedford Conservatives cannot claim a special exemption from maths.

What is needed is for the Conservative group to learn to work constructively, rather than throwing unfounded accusations around.

Cllr Ben Foley (Greyfriars)
Convenor of the Green Party Councillors

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