Letters: I am unimpressed with Bedford Borough Councillors backtracking over EWR support

Cllr Colleen Atkins represents residents in the Poets area of Bedford
Cllr Colleen Atkins represents residents in the Poets area of Bedford

Dear editor,

RE: East West Rail communication branded ‘abysmal’ and ‘disgraceful’ by Bedford councillors

I was one of the residents who recently attended the Borough Council’s Executive to participate in the item that discussed East West Rail. I came away unimpressed.

It is obvious that the council is now trying to camouflage its active support for a northern route and the subsequent need to destroy homes.

Even the Borough’s own strategy document from 2019 shows the possibility of six tracks north of the station.

This means that the Borough should not have been surprised when East West Rail proposed Route E with six tracks. This is the current plan.

Thus if the Borough Council is, as stated, truly against Six Tracks and the demolition of homes then it must reject the plan put forward by East West Rail.

A northern route for the railway means demolition. The Borough has not done this: it has not rejected the Northern Route.

Rather the last that is known is that it will accept demolition of homes to get the railway built.

Your articles report that the Borough is standing up for residents*. I look forward to the publication of the evidence that proves this.

To start with it could publish the details of the monthly meetings that employees of East West Rail state happen between the Borough and the company.

This will put to rest, or not, the suggestion that the Borough Council knew of the dangers of Route E.

Finally the Borough’s argument may be more forceful if credible statements were made. A moment of bathos was when the portfolio holder had to be reminded of the latest attempt to stop demolition.

I would expect that a councillor in charge of his responsibilities would not need this. Is this yet another example of tokenism.

To be frank Bedford deserves better.


Ian Nicholls, on behalf of Protect Poets,
13 Sidney Road,

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