Letters: How can I justify voting for an MP when I have doubts over their views?


    Dear editor,

    I am a life long Labour voter and ex-Labour councillor. Putting a cross next to Mohammad Yasin’s name should be instinctive. However, on receiving my postal vote l have found myself with concerns.

    It’s not that I disagree with Labour policies. Mostly I do, sometimes I don’t. Same as it ever was.

    The issue is how I can justify voting for an MP when I have grave doubts over their views on anti-Semitism and gay rights.

    Last year Mr Yasin avoided a key parliamentary vote on relationship education and repeatedly failed to make a statement supporting it.

    On anti-Semitism he has remained entirely silent when other Labour MPs, Jess Phillips being a good example, have made efforts to apologise and reach out to the Jewish community.

    I am not suggesting that other Bedford candidates are better, but if my daughter were to ask me why I had voted for someone when I had these fears, I could not answer her.

    I would suggest to Mr Yasin that he make a public statement committing to defend gay rights and fight anti-Semitism if he’s re-elected. There’s still at least one vote up for grabs.


    Anthony Forth