Letters: Football fans can cheer in front of their TVs but please leave the rest of us in peace

As Italy and England reached the semi-finals of the Euros, there have been some ecstatic Bedfordians, but not everyone's happy... (photo credit: Don Weerasirie/Limelight TV)

Dear editor,

From time to time many of us are lucky enough to have some event to celebrate. It’s one of the many things that make life worth living.

Unfortunately, some people don’t know where to draw the line between private celebration of their personal pleasure and public display that inflicts discomfort on others.

On Friday night we were treated to fireworks, cars racing round the streets blaring their horns, and a good deal of outdoor shouting.

The cause was apparently a football match in which a Mediterranean country had triumphed. Good luck to their supporters say I, but the majority of us, while wishing them no ill, are not very interested.

That evening I was tired out and had an early night but was denied much-needed sleep by this selfishness. They are probably decent people, but on this occasion behaved little better than common hooligans.

No doubt children were woken needlessly, old folk were caused alarm and household pets startled by the explosions. I would say this to them: please ask yourselves – do you really have the right to inflict that on your fellow Bedfordians, however ecstatic you may have felt at the time?

Cheer in front of your TVs by all means; write one another ecstatic tweets if you must, but please leave the rest of us in the peace to which we are entitled.

Con mille grazie,
(Name and address withheld)

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