Letters: Don’t go to this barber

Trees along The Embankment with their lockdown haircuts
Trees along The Embankment with their lockdown haircuts

Dear editor,

What on Earth was in the mind of those who ‘trimmed’ the beautiful willows along the Embankment?

Having planted the summer bedding plants, which are promising a beautiful display, the council’s misguided action makes The Embankment a laughing stock.

The pleasure of walking beneath and through these boughs is now denied us. I cannot think of a valid health and safety reason for this desecration.

If I find out the coiffeur of these willows, I shan’t become a client!

I admire the work of those who look after our parks and have been impressed by their care and attention (today I saw the play equipment in Russell Park being checked, the grass is mown, bins constantly emptied) and am always grateful for their work.

But who sanctioned this? Why?


Jacky Frankford

Trees along The Embankment with their lockdown haircuts

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