Letters: Don’t believe unreliable sources on social media

Social media

Dear editor,

Please accept this response to the letter sent to the mayor from Mr Riccardo Mazzeo.

As a university student due to return to Bedford in the coming weeks for easter break, I am shocked to hear that people are not taking the necessary precautions to keep each other safe in our community.

In response to the letter sent to the mayor; I think its important that action is taken abruptly and not overlooked to comply with the government’s advice.

I would like to bring attention to an alternative matter also of how the virus is being discussed locally on social media.

It has become apparent to me that a certain panic has ensued (at least over social media) regarding the crisis and about how it may impact on our town. I want to raise awareness that not everything that has been shared online is correct and/or the latest news.

In particular, I recently saw an image shared with a government website ‘Photoshopped’ to give a different message regarding an imminent nationwide lock-down last Friday the 20th.

I would urge people to search for the most current and most up-to-date advice from health professionals and the NHS website directly instead of believing things shared from sources with no credibility. Please do not disseminate fake news and please question what you read to get to the truth.


Christopher Young

Contribution Orange new email