Letters: Dave, help us save our homes

Houses in Milton Road and the Poets area may be lost to the expansion of Bedford station

Dear Mr Hodgson,

We’ve met once before. I doubt you’d remember – it was back in 2009, not long after you became Mayor. I visited your offices one evening with my Girl Guiding unit. We shook hands and I said, “Nice to meet you, sir.”

“Call me Dave,” you replied.

Well, Dave.

Here we are twelve years later, Dave.

Older and wiser? Some of us, Dave.

I’d like to ask you something, Dave. As Mayor, you are the voice of the people, Dave. But as of writing this email, it has been twelve days since the news broke, Dave. Over sixty homes in the Poets area are potentially on track for compulsory purchase and at least partial, if not total, demolition, Dave.

And yet, not a word from you, Dave.

Has the voice of the people lost his voice, Dave?

I’ve lived in this house for over 20 years, Dave. That’s almost my whole life, Dave. It’s my grandma’s house, Dave; she and my mum live here too. My great-grandma lived next door, Dave, while she was alive. Four generations of one family, Dave, under one semi-detached roof.

And now they’re going to knock us down, Dave. Take away the only home I’ve ever known, Dave. If this plan goes through, Dave, it’ll split up my family.

And yet, where are you, Dave?

I’m asking you to stand up for us, Dave. No, scratch that- I’m demanding that you stand up for us, Dave. Use all the power you have, Dave, and help us save our homes.

Stand with us, Dave, stand with your people. There’s a very Dave-shaped hole in this conversation right now, Dave, and everybody can see it.

I look forward to hearing from you, Dave.

Aislinn Pawsey
Milton Road, Bedford

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