Letters: Council’s handling of Fusion is an abdication of their responsibilities

Bunyan Centre
The Bunyan Centre is one of the sites managed by Fusion on behalf of Bedford Borough Council Image: Google, Streetview (May 2017)

Dear editor,

Cllr Doug McMurdo must be aware that he is being hung out to dry by the Mayor of Bedford Borough Council (BBC) over the matter of Fusion Leisure.

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Fusion’s abject performance in mis-managing our leisure facilities has been well documented over the last 3-4 years.

It seems that “Do Nothing Dave” has no interest in the fact that, whilst Fusion is keeping our facilities closed and sacking its staff, asking Bedford tax payers for a financial bail out whilst the CEO of this so-called charity is still drawing £1/4 million each year as well as the other well paid directors of this shambles.

Cllr McMurdo claims that discussions with Fusion have been tense. After 3-4 years of shockingly poor management, there should be no more need to have discussions – sack them.

He also states that there is a contract in place between BBC and Fusion and gives the impression that it is in place until 2024.

Doesn’t he and Dave’s team realise that Fusion must have breached their performance criteria several times – assuming of course that BBC have put a non-performance clause in the contract?

I have used the Robinson pool and gym facility for over 30 years and can speak from experience of Fusion’s performance from day 1 through 7 managers and countless horror stories.

Cllr McMurdo is kidding himself if he thinks that he can resolve this matter and his advice that we need to be patient is irritating – how many more years?

Dave has little or no interest. Dave’s accounts team have told me they see no problem with Fusion accounts despite it being obvious to a year 1 student that they had no cash and were over trading long before Covid 19.

BBC’s handling of Fusion is simply an abdication of their responsibilities and demonstrates it’s contempt for the council tax payers of Bedford.

Alan D Horn

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