Letters: Can I nominate Great Denham bottle bank for the Turner Prize?

Modern art is rubbish

Dear editor,

I’m putting Great Denham Bottle bank forward for an art award – well if Tracey Emin’s unmade bed can…

I think the residents have shown their independent spirit by not being browbeaten into Dry January.

They have shown their flair and artistic appreciation by the way they have arranged this canvas.

They have chosen a variety of colour pallet within an ordered adherence to conformity by carefully matching colours to the appropriate bin – let it not be said that no consideration was shown here.

With just the right amount of ancillary detritus presented in tasteful plastic, positioned – what on first look appears to be randomly – with an artistic nuance that critics will muse over for years to come.

It almost feels like a betrayal that I will have to call the Council to remove.

Still it has been captured for posterity……and there still is all of February to go yet!

Seriously though fellow residents, if it’s full please take home and try again.

Yours sincerely
Cllr Jim Weir

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