Letters: Bedford’s integration and harmony could be exported to ‘our friends in the North’


Dear editor,

We at Bedford Humanists were saddened by the events of Batley Grammar.

We are happy to note that Bedford does have a good record of integration and harmony. This is achieved by tolerance and trust and good efforts by different groups and people.

The ancient Roman scholar Cicero, a lawyer, said what most distinguished humans from brutes was speech, which, allied to reason, could (and should) enable them to settle disputes and live together in concord and harmony under the rule of law.

Tolerance is a key component.

In a rich and diverse society, all members need to be able to give and take. Blasphemy does not really have a place in modern society. That is why the law was scrapped in 2006.

It is important to be able to discuss all topics openly. Schools need the freedom and support to do that, without stigmatising a particular view or faith.

The satirical magazine does treat all faiths equally. It lampoons all faiths.

Perhaps Bedford can export some good advice to our friends in the North.

Bedford Humanists
(name and address supplied)

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