Letters: Bedford Borough Council should give everyone a refund

Pound coins and money

Dear editor,

So, Bedford Borough Council has found £4m it wasn’t expecting?

Read: Bedford Borough Council finds £4 million council tax surplus

If I had been overpaid I should expect to hand the extra back. Is that the council’s response? Not at all. It keeps some for itself and shares the rest out with its pals.

Instead, they should give it back to us, the taxpayers. There are about 76,000 households in the borough, so that means a refund averaging over £50 per household, a useful sum when so many people are having to tighten their belts.

What is their excuse for hanging on to it?

History says it would be seriously optimistic to think they will spend it more wisely than us.


An annoyed observer of council waste,
Bedford (name and address withheld)

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