Let’s all celebrate Bedford’s unsung heroes

James Hodgson
James Hodgson, Head Master, Bedford School

With our Everyday Heroes awards in April, we caught up with this year’s Host sponsor and Excellence in Education Award sponsor, Bedford School, to talk to them about why they wanted to support the event.

Head Master, James Hodgson, explained why the school is honoured to open the doors of its Quarry Theatre, the venue for this year’s awards ceremony, to celebrate the unsung heroes of the town.

“The Bedford Independent Awards: Everyday Heroes humble us all. They are a powerful reminder that we all have a part to play in the happiness and progress of our town, however large or small we individually feel that can be.

“I have lived in many places, but in Bedford for only five years: this wonderful town is my favourite spot – and I am personally thrilled to play whatever part I can, too.

“Bedford School has been here since 1552 (and some might even say since the 12th Century, depending on your particular version of history) and we are well aware of our responsibility to play our own part in supporting the flourishing of Bedford.”

Bedford School boy reading at Scott Primary
A Bedford School boy reading with a Scott Primary pupil

“As such, we enjoy a whole array of educational and social partnerships, which seek to break down barriers and help people from a wide range of backgrounds to understand each other better; and ultimately to share in that priceless, timeless, and entirely communal gift of humanity.

“We are determined that all of our boys (and indeed staff), wherever in the world they are from, will play a meaningful part in our local community whilst they are at Bedford School.”

The Quarry Theatre also represents a recent school commitment to the town of Bedford with its full and varied professional programme which attracts over 10,000 local theatre-goers each year, as well as the school’s own drama productions, which are all open to the public.

Building upon their existing pledge, the school has this year entered into blossoming partnerships with 15 local state primary schools and a number of care homes and charities.

Boys go out and get involved in all sorts of ways, for instance giving language lessons (Mandarin and Latin so far), playing the piano for choir groups, leading extra sport practices, giving guitar recitals and tuition, and supporting individual reading programmes.

Quarry Theatre
The Quarry Theatre at St. Luke’s

James explained, “We see this sort of engagement not only as hugely beneficial to our boys in helping ensure they grow into responsible citizens, but importantly, making a significant impact within the community in which we all live – certainly, and happily, the initial response from all partners has been unanimously supportive.

“And if anybody reading this would like to be part of this community partnership programme, do please simply get in touch with me.

“If you have not done so already I urge you to nominate that person or community group you know who has gone above and beyond to make Bedford a better place for us all – I am sure we can all think of someone.”

Download a word version of the nomination form here

Download a .pdf version of the nomination form here

Nominations close on 10 March 2020.

In association with Bedford School.

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