Legal advice: Your essential moving ‘to-do’ list


This month, Amy Matthews from Woodfines Solicitors shares their essential house move to-do list, ensuring you won’t miss any essentials or forget anything important in the run-up to the big day.

Get yourself prepared a few weeks before:

  • Get some removal company quotes or look into hiring a van   
  • Have a clear out before you start boxing up – get rid of any items or furniture you don’t want/need anymore, and drop them off at charity shops or put up for sale  
  • Get quotes or make arrangements for any temporary storage – if needed  
  • Arrange child and pet care for your moving day 
  • Give friends and family enough notice if you need help 

A few days before:

  • Make your utility providers aware – electricity, gas, phone and broadband suppliers 
  • Settle up any outstanding bills e.g., council tax  
  • Label your boxes – make a checklist of what is in each box   
  • Set up a postal redirection service  
  • Gather together keys for your current property and label them up, don’t forget spares given to neighbours or friends 
  • Start to dismantle larger items   
  • Locate important documents and put somewhere safe, e.g. passports, Driving Licence, marriage certificates, birth certificates, tax paperwork etc. 

The day before:

  • Take final meter readings for utility providers  
  • Internet connection/WIFI may take time to be set up in your new home so make sure you have downloaded/printed anything important that you might need in the first few days  
  • Make sure your mobile phone is fully charged  
  • Make sure that your essential items are in a clearly marked box  
  • Confirm arrangements with your removal firm  
  • If driving on moving day, make sure you have petrol, confirm your route and make sure there are places to stop off in needed  
  • Try to move boxes downstairs or to a convenient location the night before 
  • Put together a mini-toolkit including a sharp knife for opening boxes on arrival – screwdriver/hammer/pliers/scissors 
  • Leave out any manuals and paperwork that may be useful to your buyer  
  • Make sure fridge/freezer and other perishables are cleared out  
  • Pack your bag for the first night in your new home. 

On the day:

  • Check over your house one final time – check all rooms and don’t forget sheds/greenhouses/garages/cupboards  
  • Check the lights, water and heating work when you arrive at your new property 
  • Make sure you have keys to every door, window and cupboard 
  • Do a clean of the property before you start unpacking if necessary, while the property is
  • empty  
  • Unpack room by room – it is often best to start with the kitchen 
  • Take the rest of the night off! Find a local takeaway and relax in your new home! 
Amy Matthews. Image: Woodfines Solicitors

Moving day essentials checklist – for you: 

  • Duvet/bedding and towels 
  • Toilet paper and kitchen roll  
  • Toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, soap) 
  • Pyjamas and/or work clothes 
  • First aid kit 
  • Cleaning products, plus vacuum cleaner and bin bags 
  • Phone and laptop chargers, Television or radio, extension cables  
  • Temporary furniture – deck chairs etc 
  • Pen and paper  
  • Torch/lightbulbs  
  • Paper plates/cups/basic cutlery 
  • Dinner (or takeaway menu!), breakfast items, snacks, Kettle (with tea/coffee, mugs, milk)  
  • Corkscrew/bottle opener/something bubbly!  

Moving day essentials checklist – for the kids: 

  • Bedding/travel cot 
  • Favourite toy if necessary 
  • Change of clothes 
  • Entertainment: iPad/laptop/charger, headphones, crayons/colouring book, few toys 
  • Night light 

Moving day essentials checklist – for your pets: 

  • Pet food 
  • Lead/collar 
  • Toys 
  • Food and water bowls 
  • Litter box/waste bags 
  • Crate 
  • Any medication 

Things to consider once you are in your new home:

  • You may want to consider changing the locks 
  • Explore your new area so you know the important things – food shops, petrol
  • station, local transport, post box, bus stop etc. 
  • Find out what day the bins are collected  
  • Consider drafting a new will, especially if don’t have one! 

Who to notify of your change of address: 

  • Work, banks, insurance companies, DLVA and government organisations etc.  
  • New dentist/doctor/optician etc?  
  • Cancel or update any subscriptions i.e., Amazon, magazines, online shopping,
  • cleaners etc.  
  • Register to vote at your new address  
  • Children’s school

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