Launching The Great Bedford Foodbank £7433 Christmas Challenge

The Great Bedford Foodbank

The Great Bedford Foodbank challenge needs your helps to raise £7433. Why that figure?Because Bedford Foodbank fed 7433 people in the last year.

They’re hoping to raise the same number of pounds as the number of people they helped.

Bedford Foodbank trustee Simon Danes commented: “We’re currently providing emergency food parcels to around 600 people a month. It’s often more.

“December’s our busiest time; there’s huge demand as we lead up to Christmas. Something that we’re particularly concerned about is the number of children who need our help.

“About a third of our clients are children, around 200 children every month. If it wasn’t for the Foodbank’s work, they’d go hungry.”

And local people support the foodbank “Brilliantly,” says Simon. “We’re staggered by their generosity and we’d like to thank them all, very much, for their kindness.

“We gave out more than 73 tonnes of food in 2018; almost all of it was given to us by people in Bedford and the local villages.

“It’s amazing, really. We’re never complacent, though; we know we couldn’t help anyone without the food donations.”

So why the need for the Christmas Challenge?

“The problem really is just the financial cost of running the Foodbank,” says Simon.

“We’re very careful not to throw money around, but even with very, very careful budgeting, our costs have risen a lot over the last few years.

“We’re now looking at a budget of some £75,000 a year. We’re entirely dependent on gifts to meet this figure; we don’t receive any regular local or national government grants.

“So, if anyone would like to add us to their Christmas present list this year by making a donation, we’d be hugely grateful. Just £2 can make a real difference.

“We’re very happy to accept donations now, of course, as well, and if any clubs, teams or societies would like to contribute, that would be fantastic.

“Businesses have been very supportive, too; M&DH Insurance Services gave us £1000, which is incredible, and St. James’s Place Wealth Management have donated £250.

“We’d love to hear from any other local businesses who’d like to help.

“But we’re very aware how much we need the support of individual people in Bedford, too. And we’d like to say a big thank you to anyone who’s able to help us.”

If you would like to make a contribution to The Great Bedford Foodbank Christmas Challenge, please go to their Just Giving page.

Or you can send a cheque, made payable to Bedford Foodbank, to them at Bedford Foodbank, 71 Murdock Road, Bedford MK41 7PL. Please mark your cheque “Christmas Challenge” on the reverse.

The Christmas Challenge is open from now until Christmas Day.

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