Kempston’s Luci and Lina’s one of the best fish and chip shops in the UK

(l-r) Jack Clarke, Lina Coluccino and Luci Coluccino

Luci and Lina’s fish and chip shop, has been recognised as one of the best in the country, and shortlisted for the National Fish and Chip Awards 2020.

The family owned business on Kempston High Street, orignially called Toni & Chris was opened by Lina’s dad Toni in 1993 and later taken over by her and her husband Luci around 2003.

It’s now been recognised as being in the top 60 fish and chip shops in the UK, for the second time.

Smiling as we asked her what she thinks sets the apart, Lina Coluccino says she believes it’s their passion: “It’s not about business. It’s about the way you are and the culture of food. Food is about passion.

“This is not my shop. It’s my kitchen and you are my guest. I want my customers to have the same food I would serve my family.

“We love what we do and put our passion for food into every order.”


And, Luci adds that passion extends to where they source their ingredients too: “Food quality is important, we only buy the best so our customers know the fish we serve is sustainable and the best quality.

“We cook the fish and chips separately. There’s no flavour contamination and we change our oil regularly.”

And the business is set to continue for many years too, with son-in-law Jack Clarke also learning the trade so he and Luci and Lina’s daughter, Alba, can take one day take over.

The National Fish & Chip Awards are organised by Seafish and aim to celebrate the nation’s favourite dish.

The shortlist and awards recognise and reward those who serve the best fish and chips across the UK, both in terms of product and customer service.