Kempston record breaker helping scouts to ‘be prepared’

Michelle Frost

A Kempston Scout Leader, who became a world record holder after running this year’s London Marathon on stilts, is now helping 36 Bedfordshire Scouts prepare for the 24th World Scout Jamboree – North America 2019 in West Virginia.

Michelle Frost is one of four Scout leaders training teenagers how to cope at next year’s event in the wilds of the USA. They will live in a global village in the shadow of the Appalachian mountains, with 45,000 other Scouts from around the world in a location that almost defies description.

The campsite itself is larger than Bedfordshire with one corner due to become home to 10,000 tents.

The challenges the Scouts will face include a four-day, 100-mile trek into largely unexplored territory, which takes in forests, the raging half-mile wide New River, the Appalachian mountains and the world’s longest zip wire at 4.5 miles which runs at 60 miles an hour.