Investigation after screw found in sandwich from Bedford takeaway

Morgan said if the sandwich hadn't rolled when he opened it he may not have seen the screw and swallowed it.
Morgan said if the sandwich hadn't rolled when he opened it he may not have seen the screw and swallowed it.

An investigation is underway after a Bedford man found a screw in his order from one of Bedford’s Subway fast-food restaurants.

Morgan Humphries and his fiance placed an order for delivery from the Midland Road Subway last week (12 May) and were surprised to find more than they paid for.

“I ordered a subway and received a screw baked into my bread,” said Morgan.

“It appears to have rust on also and when I first notified them, I did not receive an apology, they just said ‘apply for a refund'”.

Email sign up form: said his fiance called back to complain further and did send a photo of the bread to the shop.

After pushing they were offered an apology but were not given any further guidance.

“If it wasn’t for the fact that the sandwich rolled when I unwrapped it, then I would not have noticed and this [the screw] would have potentially landed me in hospital for removal or medication for the rust,” added Morgan.

A spokesperson for Subway told the Bedford Independent, “the franchisee has been in touch with the guest to apologise for this startling incident.

“There are multiple diligent processes in place to ensure that Subway stores serve products safely and to the satisfaction of our guests.

“We are in the process of working with our partners & suppliers to investigate this situation further.”

The order was placed through the online delivery service UberEats, who issued a refund and told Morgan they will be investigating.

Uber Eats say they require all businesses listed with them to have a rating of two or above from the Food Standards Agency.

All Subways in Bedford have a rating of five, with the Midland Road branch last inspected in February 2022.

Bedford Borough Council’s Environmental Health Office say that “a good business will listen and address concerns even though it may not always be their fault.”

If someone is not happy with the food sold to them, they can investigate and take action where food sold poses a serious risk to public health or safety.

According to their website, common food complaints include:

  • damaged packaging
  • contamination by foreign objects including metal and glass
  • insects found within fruit or vegetable products
  • mould found in food

To report a food safety concern, email

Update: This article was updated on 19 May 2022 at 09:11. To include comment from Subway.

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