Introducing the Bedford Independent letters page

Letters to the editor

Eight months ago we launched the Bedford Independent on social media, with the promise that we would continue to grow and deliver exactly what the people of Bedford deserve from a high-quality, genuinely editorial based, news desk.

Our website then launched at the end of November and has hit the ground running with 60,000 unique readers each month reading 130,000 unique pages between them.*

Over the coming weeks we’ll be announcing more features that will further enhance our commitment to you as a 21st century news desk for a 21st century Bedford.

Today we launch our letters page, giving you the chance to tell fellow Bedfordians what’s on your mind.

Maybe it’s something that’s bothering you, something you want to praise, or maybe you’ve got something to say about one of our recent articles. Whatever it is, our letters page is your platform to do just that.

We can’t wait to hear from you.

If you’d like to write to the Bedford Independent, simply email us at

*Data provided by Google Analytics and based on average monthly statistics.