Hundreds of parking fines issued to parents at Bedford schools

Mayor Dave with Parking Patrol Team and students at Camestone School in Kempston
Mayor Dave with Parking Patrol Team and students at Camestone School in Kempston

Almost 500 tickets have been issued to parents across Bedford as the council clamps down on dangerous and illegal parking outside schools.

The Parking Patrol vehicle has been visiting schools during drop-off and pick-up times since November 2021 and has issued 483 fines.

Fines are issued to those parked illegally at locations where danger is caused to school children, parents and other pedestrians either on double yellow lines or on the zig-zag keep clear lines.

The Council has also installed 63 Parking Buddies across 15 schools so far.

These buddies remind drivers to park considerately and thank those who walk and cycle to school.

Mayor Dave Hodgson said “Parking restrictions are in place to keep school children, staff, pedestrians, cyclists and other road users safe. Dangerous and illegal parking outside schools is not acceptable and we are taking action against it.

“Our council enforcement officers are committed to keeping people safe and I congratulate them on their dedication, often in spite of aggressive behaviour from parents.

“Our parking buddies are there to remind parents of their responsibility to keep children safe, and consider their driving habits when parking near schools. Please, do remember park safely and lawfully and help keep our roads safe.”

However, Conservative Mayoral Candidate, Cllr Tom Wootton (Wyboston Ward), says the action to make roads around schools safer is too little too late and purely to win votes.

“It is as if the current Mayor thinks that only he cares about the safety of the school children and the impact to local residents from problem parking, but really this has been a problem for many for years,” he said.

“After nearly 14 years of inaction and dithering, the cold light of an election has finally spurred the current Mayor into actually doing something around schools, not just his pet favourite ones.

“It’s amazing what the current Mayor can do and what funds he can find when there is an election around the corner. All this is long overdue.”

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