Hospital Radio Bedford marks the 40th anniversary of the Falkland’s War

Second Lieutenant Sam Ancliff (L) and Major Steve Moynham (R) with Lady Jane Clifford

On Tuesday 14 June, Hospital Radio Bedford (HRB) marked the 40th anniversary of the Falkland’s War with an outside broadcast from Bedford town centre.

The broadcast, in collaboration with Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal, Bedford Branch, took place at the Standard pub on Bedford High Street between 10am and 7pm.

On the day, a service of wreath-laying took place on the Embankment at 12 midday at the exact time it was announced in Stanley (0800 hrs Falkland Islands “that the white flag flies over Stanley) with the High Sheriff, Lady Jane Clifford and the Bishop of Bedford attending.

The Bedford Pipe band played a lament with a piper on the Castle Mound to give the effect of the lament played on Mount Tumbledown.

Bedford Pipe Band

During the wreath-laying service, the HRB radio presenter read out the names of all the British personnel that died during the conflict.

At 2pm HRB broadcast an exclusive recording of stories from the Falkland Islanders which was attended by the Mayor of Bedford Dave Hodgson MBE and veterans of the conflict.

Throughout the day they broadcast recordings of some of the service personnel’s experiences.

Ian Griffiths (Beat Route Radio), Barry Tappenden (HRB)

Organiser, Barry Tappenden, ex-RAF who served in the Falklands in 1984 told the Bedford Independent: “To organize an event like this was demanding but fulfilling.

“As an ex-serviceman, I know how much it means to those who have seen active service. The memories never defer but we know as servicemen that we must always remember those that didn’t come home, and those that suffer on a daily basis, physically and mentally.

“When you get servicemen together, then there is a lot of good banter between the three services and different cap badges, all this is done to ensure that “Brothers in Arms” is always strong.

“Like all veterans, we were proud to serve.”

One of HRB’s broadcasters on the day said it had been an amazing experience to be part of. “But also sad remembering those from both sides that made the ultimate sacrifice.”

Broadcaster, Geoff Clark said, “It was an honour to be able to interview live on air the Bishop of Bedford the Right Reverend Richard Atkinson and Lady Jane Clifford the High Sheriff of Bedfordshire.”

From l-r: Member of the Bedford Pipe Band, Eric Robinson (Chairman Bedfordshire Royal British Legion), Sharon Turton (Membership Support Officer for the Royal British Legion), Richie Bass, Mr Steve Moynham OC 5 company for Beds & Herts ACF, Second Lieutenant Sam Ancliff, Kempston Army Cadets.

The event was in collaboration with the Bedfordshire Royal British Legion and Eric Robinson MBE, county president congratulated Barry and Shell French on the organisation of the event and thanked the volunteers that helped out on the day.

Yes, I lost friends during the Falkland Islands conflict and I remember them at every Remembrance Day parade,” said Mr Robinson.

“I was pleased to be part of Tuesday’s initiative and this provided me with another opportunity to remember those in this particular conflict.”

Fundraising for the Royal British Legion went on throughout the day and Janet Goodman made a commemorative cake, and guests were asked to guess its weight for a donation.

Janet also provided all the catering for the day.

Commemorative cake made by Janet Goodman

“I come from a forces family, born in Catterick Army Hospital, natural parents in Signals and brought up by adoptive parents, father in the REME. The father of my daughters was ex RAF and my late husband was a veteran of WWII  in the Kings Royal Rifles,” said Janet.

“I was glad to be able to help in a relatively small way. ‘Lest we forget’ may be a small sentence but it has such enormous meaning.”

You can listen to HRB online by clicking the red button on their website here or ask your smart speaker to play Hospital Radio Bedford.

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