Homeless charities in need of seasonal donations

Rough Sleeper black and white

As temperatures rise, the Bedford Homeless Parentship has released information about the seasonal needs of the town’s rough-sleepers.

Hats, clean socks and deodorant are among items on their list.

“Feedback from the public suggests that many people believe homelessness to only be an issue during the winter,” said Sam Price, homeless inter-agency officer.

Most support from the public comes during the colder months of the year, so by the Summer, supplies are running low.

“The best way to donate is through Bedford’s established organisations,” explained Sam.

“Items can be dropped off at SMART Prebend Centre at 12 Prebend Street or the Kings Arms Project night shelter at 50 Clarendon Street.

“Alternatively, you can find further information on our facebook page or at our website.

”Items that are needed include: baseball caps and socks, sun cream, sunglasses, bottled water, clean clothing and blankets, wet wipes, roll on deodorant, hairbrushes, toothbrushes, toothpaste, cereal bars, puzzle books and novels, torches and umbrellas.

The public are asked not to give: dirty clothing or bedding, medicines or painkillers, alcohol, knives, penknives or corkscrews, scissors, perishable foods or bars of soap.

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