High flying Mark Rutherford Sixth formers achieve degree level brilliance in aerospace project


Year 12 students at Mark Rutherford School in Bedford have completed a major aerospace engineering project, achieving degree level success.

The pupils spent three months working with Cranfield-based academic Lydia Frumosu who is completing Phd research into the technical and environmental impact of aircraft design.

Forming part of The Brilliant Club’s Scholar’s programme, the project focused on the future of aerospace engineering. It was completed online due to pandemic restrictions.

During the course of their studies, students produced a 2,500 word assignment which was graded to degree standard.

Two pupils achieved first class grades and five attained 2:1 passes.

A Brilliant Club spokesman said: “This is a real achievement. All the students produced assignments which were worthy of university undergraduates which is really impressive.”

Mark Rutherford head teacher Kelli Foster said: “The Brilliant Club focuses on supporting academic attainment and university progression through The Scholars Programme. We are always looking at interventions that support attainment; well done to everyone involved in this programme.”


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