Harpur Trust opens its art competition to everyone

Harpur Trust 'Fabric of Bedford' competition
Town Bridge and St Paul's church in mosaic

An annual art competition, usually just open to schools, is now open to everyone in Bedford, whatever your age or artistic ability.

Local charity The Harpur Trust has opened up its art competition to all, with an invitation for people of all ages to recreate the ‘Fabric of Bedford’.

The competition, which is usually aimed at the borough’s schools, was due to culminate this summer with a public exhibition at the Higgins Bedford.

But with schools closed for the foreseeable future, the Trust is turning to digital channels and opening the competition up to everyone.

Sarah Elam manages the project for the Trust and said, “To take part in the competition, you can use whatever you have to hand.  You may want to paint, draw, make a collage, sew or knit your entry.  Or perhaps you could create a 2d sculpture using household or garden materials.

“To enter, just take a photo of your masterpiece and tag the Trust on its social media channels or email your entry to us.”

For more details, click here.

This is the third time the Trust has run the competition and to support local state schools it has – pre lockdown – offered schools a free workshop with a visiting artist as well as development workshops for non-specialist teachers.

The exhibition, which was scheduled to take place over the summer holidays, is likely to be postponed until the Spring of 2021, but with the expansion of the competition to include this new digital category, it is hoped that many of the entries will also be displayed and the Trust is looking at offering some artist workshops online.

“As a place-based charity we’ve been part of the fabric of Bedford for over 450 years and we’re incredibly proud of the community we’re here to support,” said Sarah.

“We know Bedford is a special place, full of people who go the extra mile to help others.  During these challenging times, many of us are looking for something positive to focus on.

“We hope this competition will really engage people of every age to get creative and celebrate the things that are great about our town.”

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