‘Green revolution’ housing development given go-ahead in Bromham

Simon Haber, Contracts Manager for Hayfield, Charlie Moen, Project Manager for RM Contractors, Ken Mulpeter, Production Director for Hayfield, Martin Elderton, Site Manager for Hayfield, and Dom Orton, Site Manager for RM Contractors

Bedford’s Green Party councillors have tentatively welcomed the news that an 80-home housing development in Bromham will utilise eco-technology, but urge that much more could be done.

Construction by homebuilder, Hayfield, has begun on the 10.4-acre site and the £31m project will feature Air Source Heat Pumps, energy-efficient underfloor heating, enhanced insulation, the smartest electric vehicle fast-charging points available and ultra-fast broadband,

The two, three and four-bedroom homes will be developed around a children’s play area and the developer promises a significant amount of Public Open Space.

Cllr Lucy Bywater (Green), a member of the Council’s climate committee said: “It is good to know that a housebuilder is going further than the minimum standards required by law, but in the end, any housebuilding at this site is not going to be truly green.

Green Party councillors Ben Foley and Lucy Bywater

“It relies on the ability of occupants to drive to and from work, providing large numbers of garages for their cars.”

Fellow Green councillor, Ben Foley, added: “While the use of Air Source Heat Pumps and enhanced insulation are welcome, a truly green development would be built to passivhaus standards and using more sustainably sourced materials.

“This development also shows that every time a bypass is built it puts the green fields at the edge of the bypassed village/town at risk of being covered in extensions to the urban area.”

Andy Morris, Managing Director for Hayfield said: “We are pleased that this prime £31m development will also create and safeguard construction jobs and provide a boost to the local economy.”

30 per cent of the homes have been designated for affordable housing.

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