Great Ouse Primary Academy pupils celebrate Heart Month this February

CPR training at Great Ouse Primary. Image: Great Ouse Primary Academy
CPR training at Great Ouse Primary. Image: Great Ouse Primary Academy

Pupils at Great Ouse Primary Academy, have been learning life-saving CPR and getting up close and personal with a lamb’s heart as part of ‘Heart Month’.

The event means the children are now better prepared to respond effectively in emergency situations, reflecting the school’s dedication to promoting safety within the community.

Great Ouse Primary Academy has also installed a defibrillator on its premises, ensuring immediate access to life-saving technology if needed, as survival rates can be increased by 50%-70% if administered within 3-5 minutes.

As part of the activities, Year 6 students were able to dissect a lamb’s heart, learning about arteries, the Vena Cava, and ventricles, gaining a deeper understanding of the heart’s anatomy and function.

Pupils also received life-saving training from a first responder on CPR, which can double or quadruple chances of survival if immediately initiated on a victim of a cardiac arrest.

Premiership footballer, Tom Lockyer, suffered a cardiac arrest while captaining Luton Town at a match in December. He owes his life to CPR that was administered on the pitch.

“This Heart month, I’m calling on everyone to learn CPR,” he said.

Chris Payne, headteacher at Great Ouse Primary, said: “As we celebrate Valentine’s Day, we are delighted to see our Year 6 pupils actively engaging in learning about heart health and safety measures.

“These initiatives reflect our holistic approach to education, emphasising the importance of both academic and practical learning experiences. 

“By instilling a sense of responsibility and preparedness, we hope to empower our pupils to contribute positively to their community.”

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