Golf tees off on Monday at Mowsbury

Mowsbury Golf Course
Mowsbury Golf Course

In line with the government’s post-lockdown roadmap, golf facilities at Mowsbury Golf and Squash Centre will reopen on Monday (29 March).

Golf fans will be able to get back on the 18-hole course and driving range in a safe and secure way.

The centre will be operating in line with the latest government guidelines and those planning to visit will be required to book and pay online, minimising contact required at the centre and allowing for the track and trace process to be implemented.

Centre users will be asked to arrive ready to play. These measures, combined with meticulous cleaning routines, are designed to keep customers safe and offer complete confidence to use the facilities.

Fusion Lifestyle, the company that runs leisure facilities in the Borough is working with the Council to reopen other facilities in the area in a phased approach in line with the government roadmap.

After restrictions on leisure centres were lifted at the end of the first lockdown, Fusion was criticised for delaying the reopening of leisure centres, gyms and swimming pools in Bedford.

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Anthony Cawley, director of operations at Fusion said: “We are really excited we will be able to start welcoming the local community back to our centres, starting with golf from 29 March.

“We know how important our leisure facilities for the health and wellbeing of the local community so we’ll be doing our best to offer the choice of as many outdoor options as we can while we are waiting to open more facilities.”

Cllr Doug McMurdo, portfolio holder for leisure and culture at Bedford Borough Council, said he was pleased the Borough’s leisure facilities would begin to reopen on Monday.

He said the Council was working closely with Fusion Lifestyle on the reopening programme.

“We look forward to helping our residents and communities get back to what they enjoy, being more active in many ways,” said Cllr McMurdo.

“It is key we encourage a good lifestyle balance, throughout the year.”

Bookings can be made up to seven days in advance, with the Fusion Lifestyle app or visit to register and use the booking facility.

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