Get involved with charity KickOff@3 local football tournament


Bedfordshire Police are inviting local companies and businesses to sponsor the charity football tournament, KickOff@3.

The event is part of a national initiative organised by police forces across the country in a bid to engage with young people they wouldn’t normally reach.

The Bedfordshire tournament will take place on Sunday 28th April at AFC Kempston Rovers and is currently encouraging boys and girls aged between 13 and 16 to enter a seven-a-side team, with the aim of representing the county at the national final in London later in the year. 

Part of the team’s entry fee will be donated to the charity Embrace, which works with child victims of crime and the rest will go towards the national KickOff@3 initiative. 

Paul Griffiths, School Support Officer at Bedfordshire Police, said: “The aim of this tournament is to build and strengthen the relationships we currently have with our community partners. 

We are looking for community groups, businesses or charities to support and sponsor the event.

“The level of sponsorship we are looking for is a £150 donation, and in return we will feature your company’s logo across all of the advertising and promotion for the event and you will be named as a working partner.

Our flyers will be circulated amongst all Bedfordshire FA teams, as well as all schools across the county. 

Top row: PC Michael Wallace (Kickoff@3 national lead and co-founder), Sgt Ben Dimmock, Kimberley Lamb, Detective Superintendent Liz Mead, PC Karanjit Sanghera
Bottom Row: Steve Savva (Bedford Borough Council), Paul Griffiths (Bedfordshire Kickoff@3 lead), Andrew O’Boyle

“The sponsoring companies will also be invited to the tournament and will have the opportunity to engage with the public and give their support to a great community event and we hope this will be the start of something that we grow in the future.”

For more information on how to support the event, please contact Paul Griffiths on   

If you are interested in finding out more about the tournament, please see the KickOff@3 national website.

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