Game Play festival returns to the Place Theatre this January

Game Play festival at the Place Theatre

Banish the January blues with a trip to the Place Theatre next month for their family-friendly Game Play festival – a weekend celebration of board games and computer games old and new.

The event kicks off on Friday 10 January with Game Play After Dark, an evening of games fun and immersive experiences perfect for teenagers, and adults of all ages.

There will be retro computer games throughout the theatre foyer – the perfect chance to revisit some favourites from your youth, or challenge your friends and partners.  

The team from Ghost Valley RC will be back with their live action, remote-controlled Mario Kart on a brand new track. The whole theatre will be filled with tables and board and tabletop games for all to enjoy.  

All of these choices for only £3/person or £10 for a family of four

And if that doesn’t sound exciting enough for you, why not check out the theatre’s unique performance game events including:

The Unbuilt Room – part performance, part game, inspired by choose-your-own-adventure stories. Each show will be unique, shaped by your choices as you work together to overcome obstacles and explore a verbal maze, without leaving your seat. 

Let’s Play Cards a delicate storytelling game of fading memories and changing relationships.

The festival continues all day on Saturday 11 January from 10am til 6pm with fun for families and younger gamers.

Tailored to families and young people 7-12 years old it’s a great chance to get out of the house and do something a bit different together in the warm including retro games and RC racing games plus Bedford Board Gamers and Ready, Steady Roll will be filling spaces with some of the best tabletop games for all ages.

The Place Theatre’s youth-led role playing group will be on-hand to promote the joys of classic pen and paper gaming, including Dungeons and Dragons and more. 

The whole day is just £3/person or £10 for a family of four.

Plus we have a special, unique opportunity for the whole family to explore and play together:

Room for all the family is a fun, interactive storytelling experience. Each performance is entirely live and improvised in response to the imaginations of everyone in the room.

If the room was made of lava, a phone was ringing and there was an envelope on the floor, what would you do first? Designed for an inter-generational group, this is a fun way to spend quality time together. 

Saturday evening, concludes a jam-packed day and things get a bit more competitive. Want to join the High Score Board for 2020? Try out our Goldeneye Tournament, Race to the top on the live Mario Kart track, beat the pack at our Jungle Speed tournament and let your competitive spirit run wild!

The RC Mario Kart track will be set up at the Place Theatre

Also on Saturday, Brought to you by the team behind The Crystal Maze, Lamplighters is part theatre, part game and part improv comedy inspired by the writings of John LeCarre: The Spymaster has lost an agent in the field. There’s a mystery to solve, villains to thwart and secrets to be stolen – and that’s where you come in..!

An interactive spy game to some; a hilarious evening of comedy for others.

Finally, Sunday 12 January welcomes Bedford’s first official Game Jam, inviting professional game makers to share tips and tricks on creating your own games, from board games and outdoor games, to storytelling and role playing games.

There will be workshops and games to play throughout the day. Perfect for people of any age who are interested in learning the basics about making and running games for your friends. Suitable for young people aged 7+ (accompanied by an adult) and perfect for the creative teenager in your life!

You can book for individual events, or get passes for the whole weekend – for full listings and to book tickets visit:

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