FiverFest is back with 75 Bedford businesses taking part


The FiverFest shop local campaign is back, and this year there are over 75 businesses taking part and offering something for just £5.

The event, organised by Helen Patterson of the Town Centre Champions, starts next Saturday (2 July) and runs until 16 July.

FiverFest is a national ‘shop local’ celebration run by Totally Locally and is a chance for residents to try new things, visit new businesses and support the independent businesses at the heart of our community.

Chris Sands, founder of Totally Locally, said: “Helen’s dedication to the shops and business of Bedford through through FiverFest and al the other things that she does, shows just what a difference one person whocares can make to a town.

“The impact of her work is shown by just how many people are eager to join in FiverFest and what a big increase in footfall it creates for the town.

“It’s hard work coordinating things like this, but Helen is a true champion for Bedford.”

As ever, Helen has pounded the pavements of Bedford to chat to business owners to encourage them to take part and this year sees 13 new businesses taking part.

“We have a whopping 75 businesses taking part – so far – in Bedford’s sixth Fiver Fest, it’s going to be epic” said Helen.

“Lucky for us, there are 13 new businesses taking part for the first time including Naughty Pizza, Bedfringe, Foxy Wings and Veggie Crush.

“Even The English School of Falconry at Herrings Green Activity Farm are joining in.”

You can find out about every single FiverFest offer on the Town Centre Champions’ Facebook page here.

These newbies will be joined by seasoned FiverFest regulars including Decant, The Flute, GCH Fishmongers, Bridges and BBTea.

“Organising Fiver Fest always reminds me just how many new businesses have started up since the last event; Nelly Mosa and La Piccola Galeteria have only opened their doors in the past few weeks and they are both taking part,” Helen told the Bedford Independent.

“Whilst I organise FiverFest as a community project and as such I am a volunteer, I rely on local designers for the creation of our Fiver Fest map and fortunately we have a lot of creative talent in Bedford.”

This year’s map has been designed by local illustrator, Katie Allen and funded by Bedford Borough Council, Explore Bedford and White Hart Press. “A great example of local teamwork,” said Helen.

Asked which FiverFest deal has created the most excitement, Helen said it was the Best of Bedford Meal Deal from Gunn’s (a gammon Bedfordshire Clanger, either a chocolate toothpaste or a cornflake tart and a can of drink for £5).

“Which deal am I most looking forward to enjoying? Now that would be telling but I will give you a clue; it’s one of the many deals available on Castle Lane…”

For more details about the offers and participating businesses, check out the Town Centre Champions Facebook page here.

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